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SolitisElectrical Consultancy Services businesses offer

Our services encompass a wide range of residential, recreational, institutional, commercial, infrastructure and industrial projects. We can also take MEP work to provide client one point solution for MEP Services.We are known for professionalism, quality & integrity. Team of experienced and highly qualified engineers carry out Design and Detailed Engineering.

Our Consultancy Philosophy:

Our Consultancy Philosophy
  • Detail Engineering based on actual data collection.
  • Design Based on Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) norms.
  • Safe & Reliable electrical system at optimum costs.
  • Converting detail engineering in appropriate drawings & details.
  • Accurate Quantity Estimation.
  • Two Level Drawing & Data checking.
  • Personalized attention to each project.

General Scope of Electrical Work Offered by Solitis

Our Services Electrical Consultancy Services Sub Divided Into Following Phases

  1. Concept Design & Schematic
  2. Design Development Stage
  3. Detail Design Stage
  4. Tender Stage
  5. Execution Stage.
Concept Design & Schematic

Concept Design & Schematic

  • Load Calculation
  • Possible Transformer Ratings and Substation Requirements.
  • Backup Requirements.
  • Design Basis Report.
  • Master List of Drawings.

Design Development Stage

  • DG. Set Back Up Requirements Based on Emergency Load / Total Backup / Partial Backup.
  • Main SLD
  • Substation Layout - Substation Requirements, No. of Substations.
  • LT & LV Room Location
  • Hume/Trench Layout
  • Shaft Marking
  • Co-Ordinate With Client, Architects & Other Consultants (Like Plumbing, HVAC etc.) for Shaft Marking
Our Consultancy Philosophy
Our Consultancy Philosophy

Detail Design Stage

  • Fixture & Conduit Layout of All Floors
  • Single Line Diagrams Typical Flat & for for Each Floor with DB Selection and MCB Calculation
  • Main SLD & Scheme with Cable Selection & Schedule
  • Layout for Substation , DG Set, Meter Room, Cable Route, Hume Pipe, Cable Tray, Earthing Pit, Lightning Arrestor
  • External and Landscape Lighting Layout & Scheme
  • Telephone & TV SLD of Building
  • Electrical BOQ
  • Civil Works Related to Electrical / Service Works
Our Consultancy Philosophy

Tender Stage

  • Tender Drawings
  • General Conditions of Contract / Supply
  • Technical Specification
  • Bill of Quantities & Estimated
  • Enquiries of Bought Out Item.
  • Comparative Statements.
  • Recommendation Note.
  • Draft Orders.
Our Consultancy Philosophy
Our Consultancy Philosophy

Execution Stage.

  • GFC Drawings
  • Progress Review & Quality Review Reports.
  • Checking and Approval of Vendor Drawings / Working Drawings.
  • Snag List From Time to Time.
  • Site Instruction for Change & Clarification.
  • Work Completion Report & Certification.

Relay Programming, settings, co-ordination

Our expertise in relay programming also permits us to offer specialized high-reliability solutions for the distribution system, including unique, High-Speed fault clearing systems, featuring specially configured Underground Distribution Switchgear.

  • Sophisticated relay logic minimizes interconnection wiring, making more reliable systems, and allows for future expansion and changes at minimal cost.
  • Configuration of Protective relays
  • Power System Protection Studies and complete protection co-ordination and recommendations for settings of all modern relays
Our Consultancy Philosophy
Our Consultancy Philosophy

Project Management Consultancy

At Solitis, we firmly believe that master planning is a fundamental activity that helps to ensure that individual projects, executed over time, support long-term business objectives.

We provide services as project management consultant (PMC) covering all three stages of project implementation life cycles i.e. pre-construction, during construction and post construction.

The services provided by our project management consultancy team:
  • Strategic project planning
  • Project management office set-up and support
  • Project monitoring services
  • Cost management
  • Bid management
  • Contract management
  • Project supply chain management
  • Risk management
  • Relocation management
Our Consultancy Philosophy

Green Energy Systems

Provides clean energy solutions, from developing, designing and setting up Power Project to supplying and maintaining wind turbines.

Solitis is committed to providing a flexible portfolio of reliable, competitive technologies to capture the energy of the sun,wind and water.

Solar System

Solitis provides complete turnkey solar EPC solutions from concept to commissioning including its operation and maintenance. We have developed everything from ground-mounted to residential rooftops power pants and everything in-between. We provide both on-grid (grid interactive) and off-grid solutions for solar projects.

We have partners in different segments of the solar business to make sure that we get the best products/services at the best price.

Our Consultancy Philosophy

Our Solar Business Vertical Provide Complete EPC Solutions for Solar Power Generation (PV System) Including

  • Site Survey.
  • Preparation of detailed project report.
  • Detailed design and construction drawing.
  • Project planning and project management.
  • Project procurement.
  • Installation of the PV on the roof top.
  • Termination, testing and validation.
  • Project commissioning.
  • Project handover.
Our Consultancy Philosophy
Solar Packages
Our Consultancy Philosophy

Small Hydro Power Program

  • Small Hydro Power (SHP) Program is one of the thrust areas of power generation and we offer-
    1. Resource Assessment and Support for Identification of new sites
    2. Setting up new SHP Projects in the private / co-operative / Joint sector etc.
    3. Renovation and Modernization of existing SHP projects.
    4. Development/up-gradation of Water Mills (mechanical/electrical output) and setting up Micro Hydel Projects (upto 100 KW capacity)
Our Consultancy Philosophy